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Midweek Dinner & Drinks In Brisbane
August 11, 2015

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Four things to fit into your Monday-Friday routine


Routine is important. We spend time making sure we fit in a morning jog, our weekly meal prep, shopping, gym and a phone call to the parents. The distance between Friday and Friday stretches with every meeting and it’s a long time between drinks (literally). When was the last time you celebrated hump day? Or hit up a Brisbane restaurant on a Thursday evening?


Why wait until the weekend to enjoy the finer things in life? Here are four things you should be fitting into your mid week routine.


A good steak


You don’t need to convince us that a good steak is right for any night of the week. Cicada is one Brisbane restaurant that knows Wednesday and Thursday nights are made for a hunk of juicy eye fillet, sirloin or wagyu – and for only $20 bucks.


Wine time


Your daily routine has been carefully crafted, so why shouldn’t your wine list be? Don’t settle for a bottle of something on the couch, come in and enjoy our extensive wine list, specially created to get you through the week. Feel your Thursday troubles slip into oblivion.


Catching up


You work with great mates, but between the meetings, the invoicing and the piles of work going on, when’s the last time you shared a meal with them? Don’t settle for lunch at the computer, hit up some after work drinks in Brisbane and enjoy a little midweek indulgence with share plates like beef cheek spring rolls and mushroom arancini.


Beer O’Clock


5pm is universally acknowledged “time for beer” and absolutely not exclusive to Friday and Saturday nights. You’ve had a long day, you’ve got two days to go, it’s definitely time to reward yourself with our selection of craft beer.


So ditch the reheated meal, and cancel that PT session – Cicada have enough mid week goodness that TGIF will soon be a thing of the past.

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